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Crazy Cat Plates

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New necklaces Spring 2013

New for Spring 2013 and now available in my Etsy ShopA new collection based on monoprinted textures and hand painted silk.

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Perspex Jewellery Collection

This is a collection of lasercut perspex, walnut and brass jewellery that was inspired by Corbusier floorplans and geometric shapes. These items are available to purchase in my shop.

  • Screenprinted wallpaper

Screenprinted wallpaper

Wallpaper combining my love of texture and geometric shapes. Screenprinted by hand.

  • Screenprint


Experimental screenprints using transparent ink and gold foil. The designs are based on patterns and shapes found in Islamic art.

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Minerals and Rocks

A collection of digital prints for fashion inspired by the mineral and rock exhibitions at the Natural History Museum.

  • Screenprinted cotton lawn scarf

Screenprinted cotton lawn scarf

This is another design that I screenprinted onto cotton lawn for my final project. It was created using 3 different techniques - using an open screen to monoprint sections, standard screenprinting technique and using a burnout method to produce the image on the screen.

I I had a lot of fun making these scarves, improvising as I printed, allowing the shapes and colours to emerge organically.

  • Screenprinted silk

Screenprinted silk

Dyed and screenprinted silk samples combining texture and geometric shapes. I love to print with colour discharge paste as it creates surprising and unexpected results. 

  • Screenprinted Wool Gauze scarf

Screenprinted Wool Gauze scarf

This is one of my scarves that I screenprinted for my final project at university in 2012. It's a lovely soft wool gauze printed with procion dyes and illuminate discharge paste. The shapes and textures printed on the scarf were created using an experimental exposing technique on the screen. I had a lot of fun making these scarves, improvising as I printed, allowing the shapes and colours to emerge organically.

  • Screenprinted linen lampshade

Screenprinted linen lampshade

This design was based on trips to one of my favourite museums - the Horniman in south London. The shapes are based on shields found in the African exhibit.

3 colour screenprint using procion dyes on linen fabric. Hand-rolled lampshade

  • Screenprinted makeup bag

Screenprinted makeup bag

The linen is printed with a design made from thread and mustard seeds. They were placed directly onto the exposure unit, the screen placed on top and their shapes created a stencil for screenprinting.

  • Letterpress business cards

Letterpress business cards

These business cards were created on a 1-day letterpress course at Harrington & Squires in north London.

  • Handmade book

Handmade book

I created this book based on Sylvia Plath's novel The Bell Jar. It was cut by hand and then assembled into an accordian-style binding with hard covers bound in grey book cloth.

  • Screenprinted wallpaper

Screenprinted wallpaper

Some samples of experimental colourways of my wallpaper design. I was interested to see the effect of overlaying Cyan, Magenta and Yellow transparent inks to create multiple colours.